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For Patients


  • Kids First Pediatrics has partnered with Qure4U to streamline your check-in process. Through Qure4U, all check-in paperwork can be completed ahead of time in the comfort of your own home.
  • Frequently asked questions at Check-In:
    1. I've been asked to upload a picture of my driver's license or photo ID. My child doesn't have a driver's license.. why do I need to do this? We require photo ID on your initial visit to verify identity and for compliance purposes. In pediatrics, this is a request for the parent's driver's license.
    2. I don't have my insurance card on me. Can't I just bring it to my appointment? If you aren't able to provide insurance information when you schedule your appointment, we do recommend that you upload your card during the check-in process prior to your appointment. We can also scan your card for you on arrival, but we cannot complete the check-in process until it has been scanned. This may increase your wait time. Once your insurance card is on file we will not need it again unless there is a change in insurance.
    3. Why are there so many forms to fill out?There are many forms that we are required to collect prior to seeing a patient. Many of you are already familiar with HIPPAA and the Notice of Privacy Practices. Other forms that you may not be familiar with are Assignment of Benefits, Release of Billing Information, and Office and Financial Policy forms. Luckily, we only need these administrative forms annually!
    4. What is this social history form? The social history form during the check-in process is a general form. Only fill out those items that pertain to your child. Your doctor will be able to see your answers during your child's visit and can ask if she needs further information. If you're not sure, just leave that question blank and move on to the next.
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Patient Portal

  • We are excited to provide portal access to all established patients!
  • Benefits of the patient portal:
    1. Review your past clinic notes
    2. Request prescription refills
    3. Review lab results
    4. Send a message to your doctor
    5. Access your child's vaccination record at any time
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